Digital Sculpture

recent portrait study with Zbrush

Modeled, sculpted, rigged, and textured

This sculpture is Uncle Lubin for Tony White's Uncle Lubin's adventure film. The biggest challenge for this project is to figure out his unique anatomy besides there was no references of him. I still need to do a lot more work of him when I have time. Maybe polypaint him one day. He is a very unique character. I enjoyed sculpting him all the way through.

This portrait was done in Mudbox. It helped me to learn the program. I like Mudbox because it does not take much of learning curve. This sculpt took me three days from learning Mudbox and finish the sculpture.

This character was created for Xbox 360 devkit as an art demo while I was working for Microsoft Game Technology group. It took three weeks from design to finished walk cycle. I wish I could specnd more time on enhance the design elements.

This was my very first zbrush involved character work. It took me less than three weeks from learning Zbrush to finishing the character.